Claiming CE in a Subscription


Opening your subscription (first time only):

  • If you only purchased one subscription, log in to  to access your subscription.   
  • If your subscription was purchased as part of a bulk purchase, an email was sent to the purchaser’s account with an enrollment code. Redeem that code on the My Learning Activities to add your subscription to your account.

Accessing the activities within your subscription:

    1. Log into My Learning Activities

    2. Once logged in to the site, click on the title of the subscription under the Subscriptions heading.

    3. Any activities that you are currently enrolled in are listed in the In Progress tab. Underneath that is the catalog of available activities. Click Enroll Now for any activities that you want to enroll in, or, click View Enrollment to access an activity you’ve already enrolled in.

    4. Complete any required elements. A green  will appear as each required element is completed. 

    5. Once all requirements are completed, you can claim any credits.

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians: Be prepared to provide your NABP eProfile ID, birth month and date (required in order for ASHP to submit your credits to CPE Monitor).


Per ACPE, you have 60 days to claim your CE! Your countdown begins when you’ve completed the required components (home-study) or on the date of the activity (live).