Understanding ACPE Numbers 

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 Sample ACPE Number: 0204-0000-20-001-L01-P



Provider ID Number

ASHP's provider ID is 0204. Any ACPE numbers that begin with 0204 are provided by ASHP.


Joint Providership

"0000" - Not jointly provided;
"9999" - Jointly provided


Year of Release

All activities released in 2020 will have "20" in this spot, etc.


Activity ID

Each activity is given a three-digit number that distinguishes it from others. That ID is included here.


Format/Topic Designator

An "L" indicates a live activity.

An "H" indicates a home study activity.

See section below on the two-digit topic designator.



Accreditation Audience

A "P" indicates the activity is accredited for Pharmacists.

A "T" indicates the activity is accredited for Pharmacy Technicians.

Topic Designator Definitions

You can view our available programs for each category by going to the main catalog and sorting by the appropriate topic.

01 - Disease State Management/Drug Therapy

02 - AIDS Therapy

03 - Law (related to pharmacy practice)

04 - General Pharmacy

05 - Patient Safety

06 - Immunizations

07 - Compounding

08 - Pain Management