Claiming CE with an Enrollment Code


  1. Go to My Learning Activities

  2. Log in using the email address and password that you set up with ASHP. 
    If you have not logged in to any of the ASHP sites before, you will need to register.

  3. Type the enrollment code in the field provided, and click Redeem.
    Note: Enrollment codes are announced at the end of the live activity.

  4. Click on the Go button or the activity title.

  5. Complete all required elements. A green should appear as each required element is completed. 

  6. Available credit(s) will appear beneath the completed required activities.  Look for your profession in the list of available credits and click the appropriate Claim button. You might have to click to see more credit options if you don’t see your profession listed.

  7. Review the information for the credit you are claiming. If all information appears to be correct, check the box at the bottom and click Claim. You will see a message if there are any problems claiming your credit.  Your credit will be reported directly to CPE Monitor.

Pharmacists and TechniciansAll continuing pharmacy education credits must be claimed within 60 days of the live activityTo ensure your credits have been reported to CPE Monitor, check your NABP eProfile account to verify your credits were transferred successfully.  After the 60-day deadline, ASHP will no longer be able to report your credit(s).