ASHP's Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center

ASHP’s completely updated and expanded competency management subscription for institutions includes 54 online competencies and initial skills assessments to manage and monitor competency completion among pharmacist and pharmacy technician staff.  

Each competency includes learning objectives, a study guide, and a competency assessment exam. Highlights of the new center include:

  • Coverage of 54 key skills assessments for pharmacists and technicians
  • Updated compounding guidelines and accreditation standards
  • Competency modules for specialized patient population
  • Expanding the roles for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Customizable competency checklists for your specific organizational needs
  • 40+ hours of CE
  • Content is widely vetted and derived from 90 in-field expert contributors across the country

The Pharmacy Competency Assessment Center is designed for institutional use and is available by annual subscription. Administrators purchasing for staff can monitor completion of assigned competencies. If you are a single user looking for individual competency assessment, please select the Individual option.

 Annual subscription rates, with select administrator access, are as follows:

# of Users Price/user
2-10 $42
11-50 $37
51-150 $35
151-250 $33
251 or more $25

NEW! PCAC + DoseMeRx

Designed and priced specifically for small and rural institutions (up to 100 beds).  PCAC + DoseMeRx includes ASHP’s completely updated and expanded competency management subscription plus access to the market leading Bayesian dosing platform - DoseMeRx - to provide pharmacy departments in small and rural hospitals the most efficient and cost-effective means of complying with the revised consensus guideline for monitoring vancomycin.

Available within PCAC, clinical competency assessments relay vancomycin dosing scenarios to assist your team to navigate through the DoseMeRx platform, creating familiarity to Bayesian dosing in a variety of clinical situations.

The PCAC + DoseMeRx annual subscription provides up to 10 users with:

  • Full access to PCAC for Institutions
  • Unlimited use of DoseMeRx’s web-based solution
  • Vancomycin Bundle, offering the following drug models:
    • Vancomycin Standard Adult    
    • Vancomycin Pediatric
    • Vancomycin Enhanced Obese Adult
  • 24/7 Support, 365 days a year. Customer support staff are available and accessible via live chat, email, and phone.

Interested in previewing some of the competencies in PCAC or PCAC + DoseMeRx? Contact Chris Jezowski at for a demo or to request a free institutional trial.

Updated current competencies:

  • Adult Enteral Nutrition
  • Adult Parenteral Nutrition
  • Advanced Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Aminoglycoside Dosing and Monitoring
  • Anticoagulation Management
  • Antifungal Agents
  • Compounded Sterile Products
  • Compounding Aseptic Technique and Handwashing
  • Compounding Nonsterile Preparations USP 795 & Prepacking
  • Compounding Sterile Hazardous Preparations USP 800
  • Confidentiality & Patient Rights
  • Controlled Substances Accountability
  • Drug Information Resources, Literature, Evaluation, and Application to Practice
  • Drug Shortages Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Essential Pharmacy Technician Competencies
  • General Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • General Psychiatry
  • Improving Medication Safety
  • Intravenous to Oral Therapy Conversion
  • Investigational Drug Services Management
  • Concepts in Medication Administration: Intravenous Administration
  • Concepts in Medication Administration: Routes Requiring Dermal Penetration
  • Concepts in Medication Administration: Procedures for Non-Invasive Medication Administration
  • Concepts of Medication Administration: Safety, General Administration Procedures, and Documentation Requirements
  • Medication Area Inspections

  • Medication Management in Renal and Hepatic Impairment
  • Medication Safety Basics
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Nutrition Support Management
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Pharmacokinetics: A review of ontogeny and special populations with a focus on antibiotics
  • Obstetric Care
  • Older Adult Medication Management
  • Pain Management and Opioid Stewardship
  • Pediatric and Neonatal Medication Management
  • Pharmacist Professional Development
  • Psychiatry - Major Substance Use Disorders and Related Drug Therapies
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Vancomycin Dosing and Monitoring

NEW competencies:

  • Alphabet Soup of Accreditation and Regulatory Organizations
  • Hematology and Blood Products
  • Infection Prevention
  • Medication Waste Disposal
  • Oncology Patient Management for Adults
  • Oncology Patient Management for Pediatrics
  • Patient Communication
  • Pharmacy Calculations (Advanced)
  • Pharmacy Calculations (Basic)
  • Physical Assessment
  • Repackaging Medications
  • Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Pharmacies
  • Specialty Pharmacy Operational Considerations
  • Specialty Pharmacy Patient Care and Educational Services
  • Specialty Pharmacy Payor, Manufacturer, and Accreditation Relationships
  • Tubes, Lines, and Drains Basics

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