Sterile Product Preparation Certificate

Activity Type:  Application-based
Activity Fee:  $445.00/545.00 member/non-member
Release Date:  April 10, 2019
Expiration Date: April 10, 2022

This product is an ASHP eLearning activity.

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Product Description 

This self-guided, online program is a PTCB-recognized sterile compounding education / training program for those who are pursuing the PTCB Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician® (CSPT®) certification.

The program provides 29 hours of ACPE continuing education for pharmacists and technicians, incorporating recorded presentations, readings, video demonstrations, and exercises in curricular modules. The program covers sterile product preparation practice standards and regulations, pharmacy calculations, facilities and equipment, cleanroom personnel behaviors and expectations, sterile compounding components and procedures, stability and sterility, nonsterile to sterile compounding, hazardous drugs, and all aspects of handling from material receipt to final check or disposal. After completing all of the modules, participants should be proficient in the fundamental concepts required to ensure safe and compliant sterile product preparation.

Professional Certificate Requirement 

Successful completion of a 90-question comprehensive exam and specified practice exercises is required to earn the professional certificate and is an optional step after completing the continuing education modules.

Once a learner has successfully completed the educational curriculum, he/she will have the opportunity to complete the comprehensive exam. If the learner successfully completes the exam (minimum 80% passing rate; unlimited attempts permitted), he/she must then complete and submit videos and other supporting documentation of practice exercises demonstrating the learner’s knowledge and competency in garb and glove procedures, gloved fingertip testing, aseptic hand technique in horizontal and vertical airflow, laminar airflow workbench cleaning, and media fill. These demonstrations are reviewed by content experts and if approved, the learner will be awarded the professional certificate.  A learner is allowed up to three attempts on practice exercises.

Learners must have access to a cleanroom in order to complete these practice exercises.

Educational Activities


Learning Module


Credit Hours

Introduction to Sterile Product Preparation

0204-0000-19-725-H03-P and T


Pharmacy Calculations

0204-0000-19-726-H07-P and T


Overview of Compounding Facilities and Engineering Controls

0204-0000-19-727-H07-P and T


Cleanroom Personnel Basics

0204-0000-19-728-H07-P and T


Compounding Materials, Equipment, and Resources for Sterile Product Preparation

0204-0000-19-729-H07-P and T


Getting Started in Sterile Product Preparation

0204-0000-19-730-H07-P and T


Stability and Sterility: Assigning Beyond Use Dates

0204-0000-19-731-H07-P and T


Aseptic Techniques for Compounding Non-Hazardous Preparations

0204-0000-19-732-H07-P and T


Small Volume Parenterals and Other Non-Hazardous Preparations

0204-0000-19-733-H07-P and T


Nonsterile to Sterile Compounding

0204-0000-19-734-H07-P and T


Maintaining the Cleanroom Environment

0204-0000-19-735-H07-P and T


Handling Hazardous Drugs: Part 1

0204-0000-19-736-H07-P and T


Handling Hazardous Drugs: Part 2

0204-0000-19-737-H07-P and T


Managing the Product until Final Check or Disposal

0204-0000-19-738-H07-P and T