Available Until 12/31/2023

2023 ASHP Emergency Preparedness Assessment Tool for Health-System Pharmacy Departments

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Available until: 12/31/2023


Assess your staff readiness- ASHP's assessment tool provides a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of your department's emergency preparedness, identifying potential gaps in resources, protocols, and staff readiness. 

Our user-friendly platform allows you to track your progress and identify areas that need improvement. With the detailed analysis provided, you can develop targeted strategies and allocate resources to enhance your preparedness efforts. For a limited time, ASHP is opening up this tool at NO COST to the pharmacy workforce. 

How It Works:

Assessment Questions to Evaluate your Departments Readiness

For each of the 6 domains within a category, answer a series of questions related to your department’s preparedness activities; selecting Yes, No, or In Progress in response to each question. 

Get a Preparedness Score (%) and Generated Readiness Report

Upon completion of the questions for each domain, based on a user’s responses, a readiness report with a preparedness score (maximum score of 100%) is generated. 

Useful Resources for Improving Your Emergency Operations Plan

As part of the readiness report, you will receive links to valuable resources to assist in preparedness activities related to each question. 

This online tool is divided into the following planning categories:

  1.       Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  2.       Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI)
  3.       Natural Disasters
  4.       Chemical Emergencies
  5.       Biological Emergencies
  6.       Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies 

For each category, the assessment tool presents a series of questions for each of the following domains:

  1.       Integration with Institutional Planning
  2.       Departmental Leadership
  3.       Public and Professional Education and Training
  4.       Medication and Supplies
  5.       Staffing
  6.       Public Affairs/Communications (Internal and External) 


Continue To Ensure Your Staff Is Competent And Prepared

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